House Rules

House Rules for the Arhatic Yoga Retreat, Mauritius May 2019


We humbly request you to adhere to the following House Rules for the convenience of one and all:

1. Please be seated at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the sessions
2. Please do not take photographs or recordings of the presentations
3. Do not sit in someone else’s seat
4. Please turn off your mobiles during the sessions
5. Please wear your lanyards at all times
6. Kindly avoid littering the hall by disposing empty water bottles, papers or wrappers in trash bins
7. There will be two or three different areas for tea breaks and lunches. Please strictly have your tea breaks and lunches at the areas to which you are allocated
8. Please maintain queues where required (food counters, washrooms, lifts…) to avoid crowding and facilitate ease of movement
9. Please refrain from littering or spoiling water in the washrooms in order to keep them dry and clean as courtesy to the other delegates
10. For help and queries, please contact the volunteers wearing green lanyards for assistance. There will also be a help desk located near to the main entrance of the hall

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